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Robert Adams: The Hard Work and Dedication Movement

Robert Adams is a rising independent artist local to the metro-Detroit area.
As a freelance artist Rob has participated in multiple charity events and shows, contributing both money and art work to metro-Detroit groups. Along with community involvement, Rob has helped to begin a movement within his own form of art expressing the human dysfunctions of suffering, selfishness, love and war. As well as expressing the importance of art and its contribution to local culture. Rob's Unique and Innovative style is composed of many different mediums. He has titled himself through a personal slogan: "Hard work and Dedication Leads To Success," and in that slogan Rob Adam's art movement shines. He has a firm stance on being life devoted to the craft of visual art, and is firm on the truth that all humans should put in hard work and dedication into their talents, creativity, and trades. It is the "Hard Work and Dedication" movement that will help to alter the morale of metro-Detroit and hopefully awaken further artists and communities alike to contribute as much effort as they can to turning metro-Detroit into a creative haven. Rob Adams has been involved with art since childhood, and through his own personal struggles has preserved to start the "Hard Work and Dedication" movement. He has studied art at both the College for Creative Studies, and as well at a local community college, and will also pursue design at Wayne State University. He has put in much study time at all of these institutions, and personal time for charity shows and free lance art. It is his Hard Work And Dedication to all of these efforts that will build his independent form of art and philosophy to further the beauty of not just visual art, but human intelligence and consciousness. Selfless hard work and dedication leads to more than just success; they lead to transformation and it starts small with movements like Rob's "Hard Work and Dedication" which are devoted to the truth of life: creativity